Tired Of Singing Without Progress?
 10 unsuspicious Reasons 
After 20+ years of mentoring, I realized: ALL SINGERS do these rookie mistakes. 
Find out which ones you are doing and unblock your true and unique voice
I read your epic book!  This is gold! I did all the mistakes. Finally seen all of this written down feels heavenly!  Revelations!  I can sing now like never before. Thank you so very much!  (Abohov)

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"I can´t sing high notes and my voice gets tired so fast."

"I hate the sound of my voice."

"I wanna sound like Ariana Grande/Shawn Mendes"

"I´m stuck, I don´t see progress although I sing 2 hours a day"

"I struggle with songs that I sing, I can´t sing them perfectly"
I have good and bad news for you: 
The Bad News Is That The symptoms you experience are Many and Are complex. 
The Good News Is: the cure is simple and easy.
Discover The Mistakes You Make and Stop Doing Them. 
You are unintentionally blocking yourself from finding your voice. Before you can find your voice, you need to avoid mistakes that have direct or indirect effects on your vocal sound, performance, and vocal health. It´s not even your fault. No one told you.

These mistakes cause 80% of your struggles! And the best vocal exercises will not help you in a million years if you are making these mistakes. They will keep you stuck and in stagnation mode for years and years!
  • MISTAKE #1 is about singing. I explain why SINGING is roadblock #1, why it keeps you from finding your voice and why it keeps you in stagnation mode. ALL singers make this mistake and waste a lot of time down this tiring road.
  • MISTAKE #2 is about BREATHING. I explain how the wrong type of breathing is keeping you from finding your voice, and worse is producing unnecessary vocal damage. 
  • MISTAKE #3 is about your VOICE TYPE. I explain why it is crucial to find your voice type and what happens when you don´t - and try to be the wrong voice type. 
  • MISTAKE #4 is about SONGS and why the wrong songs can massively damage your voice and keep you from finding your unique and natural voice. 
  • MISTAKE #5 will surprise you! Silently, secretly, this mistake is KILLING your voice without you even noticing! I explain why your voice is doomed if you are doing this!
  • MISTAKE #6 is about EXERCISES. I explain why (random) exercises are time wasters and why they will never help you find your voice - on the contrary - they will damage your voice and lead you astray, confuse you, leave you in limbo.
  • MISTAKE #7 is about CHOIR. I explain why joining a choir is one of the worst things you can do if you want to find your unique voice! 
  • ​​MISTAKE #8 is about HEADPHONES. I explain why headphones are killing your chance to find your voice and keep you in stagnation mode for as long as you use them. 
  • MISTAKE #9 is about VOCAL TECHNIQUE. I explain why focusing on vocal technique will NEVER help you find your voice and why it is contrary to popular belief blocking and damaging your voice at this stage. 
  • MISTAKE #10 is about VOCAL COACHES. I explain why you have a high chance of blocking, losing, and damaging your voice, be locked in stagnation mode for years if you don´t know about the four major mindset mistakes ALL singers do when it comes to vocal coaches. 
    Build 'VOCAL FITNESS' and reach your vocal goals in 2020! Unblock your voice without hour-long boring exercises that get you nowhere by avoiding these top 10  ROOKIE MISTAKES (that no one is talking about - not even youtube) while having massively more FUN!!
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      I feel you 💕

      ...see what students are raving about...

      I always appreciate your generous heart, Ella! The information you give us here is not particularly easy to come by! Honestly, oftentimes I feel a thank you is just not enough for what you are doing in my life as a whole. ❤ It means more than you can imagine knowing that you have been taking time off to read and understand me as an artist! 🙏🏽

      I want to thank you again for helping me out because I really feel and see the positive results already! Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      Thank you so much Ella for walking me through this journey of self-discovery. I really love your approach to coaching as it reaches out to one´s personal goals...
      Sort of customized! 💪🏽👌🏽

      Today I was listening to an audio of myself singing, that was about 3 years back! At that time I felt like I was the deal if you know what I mean, but on listening today, I asked my brother to stop playing it because I simply felt ashamed of what I was doing back then. That feeling when you are not proud but proud. 

      Proud of how far you have come in your journey as a singer. I never had a voice coach in my entire singing journey until I met Ella Ray!! And for me to just be here and enjoy what I would call a very generous opportunity she has availed us is such a blessing! What I´m trying to say is, opportunities come to everyone but only those who are ready will make something out of them. 

      The best way for me to grow is to ask whenever I was stuck, and up until now, I do so. There´s no shying away from being ignorant because then I get the antidote...If you don´t talk to a doctor but just sit at their gate...They won´t know what you are really suffering from. So please for anyone out there that´s really serious about their music, second chances are rare! 👌🏽👌🏽😎❤ I love you all ❤✌🏽

      ❤❤ I´m proud to have even met you here Ella! I hope you know that. 
      I only have you to thank for what I have achieved so far. Your advice at times even impacts my day to day life. Much love  ❤❤🎉🎉

      Trying to work on making the entire voice sound as comfortable as in my low range because I feel like I found my low end thanks to the genius in you that believed in my baritone side. I feel like the more I warm up my low end the better my entire singing becomes! It´s like laying a strong foundation for a house, so yeah, thanks for the advice of having to warm up the low end especially when I am tired or sick. Will do! Thank you, Ella, I wanna make you a proud coach and friend above all! ❤🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉
      Jiran Seyn
      You are a great teacher! 
      I can only add I guess the right teacher comes when the time is right. All the success which followed after joining this group is just awesome! Ella, thank you for being my best teacher in music! I had many. You are the best. At least for my type of personality. All the respect, and thank you! 
      Aleksander Smode
      I did the breathing exercise you gave me. It really worked for my vocals. The two voices are now fading away. I am healing now. I do the neck exercise daily and your breathing exercises also help me to warm up my throat. Thank you so much you told me about my neck problem. Thank you soooooo muchhhhhhh ❤
      Anshu Pandey
      I´ve followed your instructions on the allergy and the reflux for a month. Now I feel much better thankfully! Now I can focus more on vocals. 😇 I really appreciate your guidance, Ella.
      Shoroukh Jamal
      You´ve been a complete blessing in my singing life. 
      Thank you so much! You´re incredible! 
      So glad I have you as a teacher. 🎶
      Michael Meusch
      Your tips are great, and it improves the sound, and it´s not like any video on Youtube. I am going to go on with this group until I get better, and I will recommend to everyone I know who wants to get better. 
      Mody Riad
      Thank you so much! ❤ I feel really valued here!!! 😊 
      This page is a lifesaver! It helps me with my voice, 
      and most of all, I am valued!
      David Maghanoy
      Best coach ever!
      Precious Lilly

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      I also choose the SINGER OF THE WEEK each Wednesday and promote the submitted video on our official youtube channel!

      You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other singers like you and have a ton of FUN on top of that!!

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      What your life WILL look like... 

      ...once you avoid these mistakes

      • you will come to LOVE your voice like never before
      • ​you will discover your true range
      • ​you will find your natural tone
      • ​you will have great resonance
      • ​you will sing high notes with ease
      • ​you will know how to connect your head and chest voice
      • ​​you will eliminate vocal struggles (straining, cracking, flat and nasal sound)
      • ​you will choose the right songs for yourself
      • ​you will find the right coach for you

      That´s just the beginning...

      • ​you will have the most vocal freedom expressing yourself
      • ​you will see results so fast that you will think you are dreaming
      • ​you will skip the vocal damage part (the consequences of these mistakes)
      • ​you will know what traps to avoid
      • ​​you will have peace of mind, clear direction, and unwavering confidence that you are on the right track 
      • ​you will have enough vocal energy, health, and FUN to build your dream

      Shall I continue? Ok ;)

      • ​you will set yourself up for longterm vocal success 
      • ​you will lay an unbreakable foundation for rapid vocal growth
      • ​you will safe a lot of time and money that you will be able to spend on other cool things (for yourself, your family, and friends)
      • ​you will start dreaming BIG + opening doors for a successful singing career
      • ​your voice will not be unheard ever again

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      what else students say...❤

      "For more than a year, I took vocal lessons with Ella Ray. At this time, I just started as a singer and wanted to learn singing techniques. 

      Ella´s lessons were very flexible. I had the chance to choose my songs, work on them and together we refined them. Ella taught the techniques individually and with ease - everything was custom-made. 

      She always paid attention and cared for where I stood and what I needed to take the next step. She carefully helped me to remove blockages. Through Ella´s lessons, my personality and my emotions had the freedom to find a unique form and shape through personal and individual expression with singing and music.
      In my work as a coach and mediator, I have to speak in front of big audiences or I find myself in difficult conversations where the voice is of huge importance. In these situations, I highly profit from the breathing techniques that I learned with Ella.

      I recommend Ella´s vocal coaching to everyone who wants more than just cold singing techniques but is in search of a way to find his/her unique expression through singing." 

       Katharina Kipp Mancebo (Artist + Coach)

      If you are looking for authentic and holistic guidance and support within your journey in music, Ella Ray is the perfect fit for you! Her personalized approach will meet your needs in every way. 

      From finding out what it is you want to learn or perfect to tips on a healthy diet and workout routine that will benefit your vocal cords and creative wholesome. 

      She is guiding with strength and from her own experience as well as with knowledge and a kind heart. 

      You will receive practical information that you can apply easily in your daily life and feel and hear the results within a short amount of time. I 100% recommend working with Ella Ray!

      Juliane Visnadi (Singer)

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      * O N E   G O A L *

      E L L A   R A Y
      Voice + Brand Mentor, 
      Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Designer.

      I have been EXACTLY where you are right now! I remember the dreadful and painful days of not knowing how to eliminate my vocal issues like bad pitch, cracking, nasal sound, low resonance, NO VOLUME, undeveloped chest voice, NO access to high notes, 
      no feeling for harmonies, and so much more! 
      I struggled for years and years trying to sing with a totally WRONG voice type (because my mom and choir teachers said I was a Soprano) and using tools and resources that only wasted my time and money! 

      I never found the teacher that would actually understand my voice and needs as well as my goals and would be able to mentor and guide me accordingly - not squeeze out all my money - and teaching me outdated stuff from the last century that only kept me busy but never productive, consistent, or profitable! 

      I even got refused by a music school teacher. She didn´t want to teach me singing even though I wasn´t too bad at that time.

      And I know this happens every day - this kind of rejection and wrong guidance because most teachers actually don´t want to really deal with you. They want it the easy way.
      So they create lessons, exercises, and courses that are 
      "all-size-fits-all" kinda type. And I found that this is ONLY serving the teacher but not YOU!
      I am the creator of this exclusive video course
      ´HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days´, 
      and I don´t think there is anyone on this earth
      who is more obsessed with finding your unique voice, sound, style 
      and vocal + financial FREEDOM like I am.

      Out of frustration but with a clear vision I decided to 
      become that voice mentor that I couldn´t find for myself.
      After mastering singing and songwriting, music production, marketing, design, VOCAL HEALTH and fitness, as well as teaching countless singers, singer-songwriters, pianists, musicians, choirs, bands for years, just like supporting musicians on tour I knew I was ready to make my dream come true and help MORE singers.

      So, back in 2018, I found my 
      s o u n d s t o n e z
      that has one goal ONLY:

      to free YOU, all singers and singer-songwriters from 
      the current music industry slavery
      and help you find and grow your unique voice, and build a 7-figure brand to become UNSTOPPABLE




      Q #1: Is this for me? 

      If you are struggling with vocal issues like straining, cracking, flat and nasal sound, and if you can´t reach high notes, can´t find your tone, have low resonance, and experience vocal health issues (for example, nodules), then YES, it is for you. 

      If you can´t explain why you feel uncomfortable while singing, if you are not happy with your tone and sound, if you don´t know where the vocal pain is coming from, then YES, this is for you.

      If you feel overwhelmed by so much information about singing, and if you don´t know how to find your voice - then YES - this ebook is for YOU. ❤

      Q #2: I am a professional singer, how will this help me?

      Most professional singers haven´t found their voices. Yes, they are performing and possibly even writing their songs, building their careers, maybe even famous, but that has nothing to do with finding their true unique voice. 

      If you have learned all the wrong techniques and styles you will be able to sing but you will most probably have vocal issues (losing range, poor agility, poor phrasing, low energy or imbalance, problems with dynamics, feel lost/losing purpose) and suffer from vocal health issues (vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, Reinke´s Edema, vocal cord cyst, laryngeal papillomatosis, vocal cord granuloma, laryngeal cancer and more) regularly. 

      Most of the professional singers lose their voice very quickly, or they can´t keep a consistent vocal fitness level throughout their career - which has an enormous affect on their confidence, their financials and their success.

      There is much more to finding your voice then just being able to sing well. Finding your voice has three components: emotional, mental and physical. When you have learned to sing well it is just the physical part of the puzzle. You are missing the other two. And the mistakes I am talking about in the ebook reveal the worst mistakes that even professional singers do that block them from finding their voices.

      Q #3: I already know my voice type, so I have found my voice, right?

      That´s beautiful! Congrats! Finding your voice type is crucial, but only 10% of the puzzle. Finding your voice has several different components, and your voice type is the physical component. In this ebook, I will explain in detail which mistakes block you from finding your unique voice - that lie beyond your voice type. 

      Q #4: How is your ebook different from Youtube tutorials?

      I am revealing mistakes that not even Youtube will tell you. You believe that Youtube is the solution to all your vocal problems - since you can find a tutorial to almost anything. You need to be aware of the fact that on Youtube, you will not only see helpful videos but also receive information that is flat-out wrong and dangerous for your voice. It is a big mistake that I will also reveal in this ebook, as well as the symptoms you need to look out for. 
      So if you are a Youtube tutorials junkie, this ebook is especially for YOU. 

      Q #5: Is this a physical book?

      This ebook is a downloadable file. You will receive an email with a download button to download your ebook right after your purchase. It is a dropbox link. Make sure you have dropbox, so your product experience will be flawless. Dropbox is FREE and great to use for cloud storage, so you have your ebook on ALL of your devices for life.

      Q #6: How many pages does this ebook have?

      A total of 29 pages ;)

      Q #7: Are you a professional singer?

      Yes, I am a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer currently working on my album ASHES. I do also have a degree in musicology and linguistics. I have been singing and doing music all my life and mentoring for over 20 years. 

      Q #8: What does the lifetime update service mean?

      It means that I dedicate myself to delivering the best products to you and that I will be working on this ebook continuously as I research tirelessly and work with singers around the world and voice doctors. You will receive the updated version of this ebook via email for FREE - as long as you are on the email list. 

      Q #9: If I am unhappy with this ebook, what can I do?

      You can email me at support@soundstonez.com and let me know about it so I can refund your money 100%. No questions asked, no hassle, no stress. ❤

      This Is Truly A Limited Offer, 
      So Claim Your Copy Now 
      Before it´s too late!

      Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If you´ve come this far 
      I know you are serious about your voice, 
      and I hope you enjoy the ebook! Thanks so much, 

      E L L A   R A Y
      *eR ;)
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      There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some 
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      If fact, if you don't love the ebook - I'll even refund your costs 
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      So, click the button below to get your ebook bundle now. You will love it!
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