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  • LISTEN: I will listen to your full song to get a full scope on your voice and how you navigate through the whole song.
  • ANALYZE: I will analyze your voice, body posture, tone, resonance, pronunciation, vowels, consonants, articulation,  phrasing, expression, volume, dynamics, timing, voice type, singer type, genre, song type, lyrics, and more.
  • SIGNATURE MARKERS: I will identify your unique signature markers and give you advice on how to build them without vocal damage or waste of time.
  • EXERCISES: I will give you time-saving exercises based on your voice and singer type as well as your genre that will help you find and grow your unique voice, release blockages or tension so you can achieve the vocal freedom and goals you desire to become the singer you were meant to be and build your singing career!
  • ​​DELIVERY: I will deliver the full analysis in a LIVE review in our FREE Facebook group each Wednesday at 7 pm CET. If you join the Video Review you can also win a FREE Mentoring Session with me to work even more on your voice. 

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...see what students are raving about...

I always appreciate your generous heart, Ella! The information you give us here is not particularly easy to come by! Honestly, oftentimes I feel a thank you is just not enough for what you are doing in my life as a whole. ❤ It means more than you can imagine knowing that you have been taking time off to read and understand me as an artist! 🙏🏽
I want to thank you again for helping me out because I really feel and see the positive results already! Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Thank you so much Ella for walking me through this journey of self-discovery. I really love your approach to coaching as it reaches out to one´s personal goals...
Sort of customized! 💪🏽👌🏽
Today I was listening to an audio of myself singing, that was about 3 years back! At that time I felt like I was the deal if you know what I mean, but on listening today, I asked my brother to stop playing it because I simply felt ashamed of what I was doing back then. That feeling when you are not proud but proud.
Proud of how far you have come in your journey as a singer. I never had a voice coach in my entire singing journey until I met Ella Ray!! And for me to just be here and enjoy what I would call a very generous opportunity she has availed us is such a blessing! What I´m trying to say is, opportunities come to everyone but only those who are ready will make something out of them.

The best way for me to grow is to ask whenever I was stuck, and up until now, I do so. There´s no shying away from being ignorant because then I get the antidote...If you don´t talk to a doctor but just sit at their gate...They won´t know what you are really suffering from. So please for anyone out there that´s really serious about their music, second chances are rare! 👌🏽👌🏽😎❤ I love you all ❤✌🏽
❤❤ I´m proud to have even met you here Ella! I hope you know that.
I only have you to thank for what I have achieved so far. Your advice at times even impacts my day to day life. Much love ❤❤🎉🎉

Trying to work on making the entire voice sound as comfortable as in my low range because I feel like I found my low end thanks to the genius in you that believed in my baritone side. I feel like the more I warm up my low end the better my entire singing becomes! It´s like laying a strong foundation for a house, so yeah, thanks for the advice of having to warm up the low end especially when I am tired or sick. Will do! Thank you, Ella, I wanna make you a proud coach and friend above all! ❤🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉
Jiran Seyn
You are a great teacher!
I can only add I guess the right teacher comes when the time is right. All the success which followed after joining this group is just awesome! Ella, thank you for being my best teacher in music!
I had many. You are the best. At least for my type of personality.
All the respect, and thank you! 
Aleksander Smode
I did the breathing exercise you gave me. It really worked for my vocals. The two voices are now fading away. I am healing now. I do the neck exercise daily and your breathing exercises also help me to warm up my throat. Thank you so much you told me about my neck problem. Thank you soooooo muchhhhhhh ❤
Anshu Pandey
I´ve followed your instructions on the allergy and the reflux for a month. Now I feel much better thankfully! Now I can focus more on vocals. 😇 I really appreciate your guidance, Ella.
Shoroukh Jamal
You´ve been a complete blessing in my singing life. Thank you so much! You´re incredible! So glad I have you as a teacher. 🎶
Michael Meusch
Your tips are great, and it improves the sound, and it´s not like any video on Youtube. I am going to go on with this group until I get better, and I will recommend to everyone I know who wants to get better. 
Mody Riad
Thank you so much! ❤ I feel really valued here!!! 😊 This page is a lifesaver! It helps me with my voice, and most of all, I am valued!
David Maghanoy
Best coach ever!
Precious Lilly

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