You need to find your unique voice first before you can grow it! 
"this changed everything for me! Not only did I find my voice, I also started my singing career. It would have not been possible without this course!"

How To Find Your Voice in 30 days

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One of the BIGGEST REASONS why singers and singer-songwriters fail to be successful longterm in todays music industry is because they haven´t found their unique voices. 
Even after years and years of singing and vocal coaching they struggle with basic problems like pitch, timing, expression, stamina, energy, vocal health, and so much more.
In this exclusive and brand new video course you will learn EVERYTHING you need to FINALLY FIND YOUR UNIQUE VOICE to build a solid foundation for a successful career
This is an unfair advantage you are looking at. 
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So, how do you actually find your Unique Voice And
How will it make you successful?
From: Ella Ray

Let me know if that happens to you...
As singers or singer-songwriters there have been times where we´ve heard and believed one of the ideas:

"Vocal technique is the way to 
becoming a successful singer"

And so we decide to start practicing as much as we can...
We go to a music school and follow the instructions of vocal coaches...
We do our exercises, sing scales, watch every Youtube tutorial there is...
Put ourselves out there on social media to receive any feedback...
Whatever YOUR THING is...
Hoping that IF we only practice enough, that we will become great singers!

And then we WAIT, 
for our voice to drive success...

But unfortunately, that never happens...
Is that your story right now? Is that why you're here?
Have you practiced countless hours, but don't see results or progress and you don´t know HOW to get your dream voice, HOW to find your unique voice that turns heads once you sing the first note? Or you already sing well but don´t understand why you are not successful yet. 
And the FEAR, someone could tell you "you don´t have talent, stop singing" keeps you up at night because you don´t know how to find and build your voice and career - without damaging or losing your voice in the process. 
You keep wondering what you are doing wrong or even worse - you keep thinking that this someone may be right? 
That you lack talent, just like your parents always let you know without even saying a word.

Have you ever thought... 

"If I Don´t Have A Unique Voice
Will I Ever Be Successful?"

My name is Ella Ray, and I'm the creator of this revolutionary video course called HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days, and I don't think there is anyone on this planet who is as obsessed with finding your unique voice and style to build a sustainable career and become unstoppable like I am! 
Just 2 short years ago, I launched my Mastermind Artist Academy called Soundstonez, and as the "non-technical" singer-songwriter I have become the entrepreneur that would help singers, singer-songwriters, and even rappers, choirs, and bands not only find their unique voices and styles but also launch their careers

To do that, I had to learn how to find my own voice and style as well as launch my own career in these challenging times before I started teaching others how to do it - and I started as early as 6 years old...

I couldn't rely on just vocal coaches, voice teachers, or my choir teacher, my mom who is a singer herself, or even hope to be discovered by some random producer or talent scout (I couldn´t even afford most of them anyway). 

I had to learn how to do things differently... I had to be smarter.      

Years And Thousands Of Tests Later...

5 years ago...

Back then, I almost lost everything (again)

After finishing my studies of musicology and linguistics I had my daughter.

This made me realize so many things about girls and being a woman but also the expectations society has for each - the male and the female. As a single mom I once again had to pause on my music career and instead I dived into topics related to the voice and research trying to find out the secrets about WHY certain singers were successful and others weren´t. 
Why certain singers could make a chair turn and others went home with a heavy heart probably thinking about giving up singing altogether. 

Not only did my voice change again after giving birth (for the second time) but I also realized that unless I found my unique voice and style AND a sustainable way of singing I would NEVER be successful. I almost gave up singing because I believed as a mom with 2 kids there is NO way I could do it. Not only because I was out of practice for many months again but also I simply couldn´t imagine how to organize myself in a way to stay in shape without neglecting my children and nurture them according their gifts. 

So I had to be better than anyone else in order to achieve that. I had to find the secrets to a unique voice, the secrets to success, the most productive and cost and money effective way to find my unique voice and style and to reach a sustainable level to skyrocket my own singing career. 

I tuned out everything I heard in the media, on Youtube, from other vocal coaches and voice teachers and started searching for those secrets by trying things out. And the best part of it was that I had 2 kids that loved music too. I could discover first hand how the voice develops and how children learn. This was a huge eye-opener for me. So I took all the bullets of all mistakes I made and I found out about the secrets: I found out how the voice really works, what it needs to be healthy, how it grows, what really fuels vocal strength, stamina, and more, what influences the success of singers or singer-songwriters, and the secrets of productivity and sustainability. I also dived deep into the genres and how a micro-niche is the winning card for ultimate success.  
Now with my Mastermind Artist Academy having over 3000 students I can see how much other singers are struggling with exactly the same things I was once struggling with and how much they are confused by the confusing information on the internet about the voice, about singing, and about music business. 

There are currently so many singers coming into my Academy each day, that I couldn't turn them down if I wanted to! I am not even advertising for my Academy (yet). So the word is spreading so fast that these results are never seen before - in such a short amount of time. 

The secret to this lies in my holistic knowledge and method that attends to the needs of EACH SINGLE SINGER individually!! 

All kinds of singers approach me for help: pop singers, rock singers, jazz singers, soul singers, gospel singers, singer-songwriters, rappers, Bollywood singers, muezzins, choirs, bands.
What Would Happen To Your Career And Life If You Found Your Unique Voice, Ultimate Vocal Health, And Were Able To Deliver Outstanding Performances Every Time You Start Singing!?!"
As I was teaching countless singers since I am 16 as well as in my Mastermind Artist Academy since 2018, documenting all of the "Secrets" I was discovering in real time, I noticed something weird
All singers that came to me were focused on vocal technique, not knowing what REALLY MAKES the voice sound unique and great. And NO ONE is talking about this which is why I NEED TO SHOW YOU what it is! Finding your unique voice and singing like a million dollar artist takes more than just hitting all the notes and have good timing. This will never drive success. It takes more than that. 
I spent over 20 years compiling all of my research and turning it into my new video course called: 
I created this video course because I knew that there were a ton of other singers and singer-songwriters just like myself who needed to learn these voice secrets, so they could find and grow their voices and careers…
But in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t begin to fathom the world-wide response, or HOW many singers and lives this video course would actually impact…


courses sold in the first 
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over 3000

members inside my 
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If you are trying to find and grow your voice and career - knowing these voice secrets will help you do that - no matter your genre, your voice type, singer type, or even your location and language.
Singers in every genre and type you can dream of. 
  • pop singers
  • rock singers
  • jazz singers
  • ​soul singers
  • ​gospel singers
  • ​opera singers
  • singer-songwriters
  • rappers
  • Bollywood singers
  • ​Indian Classical singers
  • muezzins, arabic singers
  • latin singers
And now I want to help you to find and grow YOUR unique and beautiful voice, and build a solid foundation for your singing career!

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Inside Of This EXCLUSIVE Video Course... 
Here Are The 6 WEEKS (30 days) You'll Go Through!
Inside of the video course "How To Find Your Voice in 30 days" I will be sharing with you 6 Secrets to help you find your unique and beautiful voice in as little as 30 days! Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your video course:
WEEK #1 
Learn about the reasons why you haven´t found your unique voice yet. ALL singers go through these symptoms, and focus too much on excuses that I will uncover in this week. 
WEEK #2 
Learn about the six human needs and how they apply to you finding your unique voice and style. Awareness is key. This is the untold reason for sustainability and longterm success. 
Learn about your four voices and their meaning. Here I will show you how the voice works and what it needs to stay alive and fibrant. 
Learn about your vocal purpose and learn about the amazing benefits when you manage to keep all four voices connected and healthy. 
Learn about voice types and singer types and find out which type you are so you always choose or write the right songs. Only the right songs will showcase your voice the right way. A song can either showcase your voices most beautiful side or uncover its flaws. You decide. ;)
Learn about micro-niche, vocal purpose, and markets, and how to find yours so you can position yourself safely and confidently in the current music market for long-term success.
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I'd like to unlock this video course
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The information provided in this course isn´t available ANYWHERE else - not even on Youtube. Get it now as long as you still can!
What Are Students Saying 
About This Video Course?
"It´s amazing! Before I did the video course I was struggling with focus, I was all over the place, anger, and I even wasn´t sure whether I was a singer at all! Even though I was born to a music family, I tried to overdue singing and didn´t know my real voice and what it was capable of. After the course, I learned to focus, I learned what my learning type is, what my voice type and singer type is, my micro-niche, and I recorded my first single! It is all out there, world-wide, just type and you will see. My old me couldn´t handle that but now I can!
I really like Mrs. Ray´s teachings! 
Very personal, dives deep into your personality and character. 
I learned to find, care, and protect my voice and business.
Now I have high goals, touring the world twice, writing a lot of songs and an album. Ella is also helping me with that!
I would do the course again and I hope Ella will be my mentor for a long time because it was so much fun studying with her even though I normally don´t like school at all! She is a great partner in crime! I recommend this course to everyone, not only singers, to find one´s purpose, and to start one´s singing career properly to have real success."

ABOHOV  (singer-songwriter, actor)

"You´ve been a complete blessing in my singing life. This course is fantastic and showed me my real voice that I have been neglecting for so long, and also I learned how to be heard in this crowded music industry that I was pretty scared of to even enter. Thank you so much! You are incredible! 
So glad I have you as my mentor."
Maya (singer)
"This is gold! I didn´t even know all of this! All those years I have been chasing vocal technique and vocal coaches when in reality all I needed was to find my unique voice, my true voice! I now understand and see how much faster I am growing after this course! I can´t wait to build my career with Ellas help and see how far I can come! Thank you so much Ella for being such an incredible mentor!"
James (singer-songwriter)
As You Can See...
This Video Course Has Already Helped 
Singers Like You Around The World...
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I'd like to unlock this video course
straight in your member´s area, ASAP!
Like I mentioned before, this is a limited offer. Don´t miss out on this exclusive SALE! The price will go up!
The information provided in this course isn´t available ANYWHERE else - not even on Youtube. Get it now as long as you still can!
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BONUS #4 Personal invitation 

Personalized Mentoring

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I want you to have the greatest chance to implement the knowledge you will have with this course. So I will invite you to weekly private ZOOM sessions and Q+A, where I will personally mentor you for 30 days. I will answer all your questions, give you personalized advice or additional exercises to help you understand everything shown in the video course and make sure you find your unique + beautiful voice! 

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"I Don't Know Whether I Found My Voice Or Not"

And that's exactly WHY you need to get your video course "HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days" TODAY! 

If you knew how to find and build your voice and career, you wouldn't need it. This video course will show you step by step how your voice works and how to find that special and unique voice that is already living inside of you. It is not something you have to build and struggle for. It is already there! This will be the easiest 30 days of your life without the pain and struggle you would normally go through finding your voice after decades, or struggling with vocal exercises and vocal technique. The worst thing is that when you haven´t found your voice NONE of the vocal exercises and vocal technique will actually work longterm. It will produce more problems in the long run than it helps you. 

And if you're nervous that you won't be able to implement the things I reveal to you in the video lessons? 

Don't worry, I got you! I will show you exactly how to do it in the Telegram group! You can ask me anything and as often as you like about each and every lesson. I want to make sure you understand everything about YOU and your beautiful voice so you can both live happily every after ;)  

All you have to do is let me know your email address, here on this page, and I’ll rush you this revolutionary video course to your inbox. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for a lower price, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.
This isn't one of them.
There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...
Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • It's my way of saying thank you for trying my services and giving me your trust which I highly appreciate. ❤
  • ​Because (unlike other coaches) I don't make all of my money teaching others how to sing (I actually run multiple real businesses online as a singer-songwriter, producer, designer, brand mentor)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff for such a low price AND offer FREE mentoring in my group on top of that (which other coaches charge THOUSANDS of dollars for delivering only 10% of what I deliver to you).
  • ​I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to check out my other products and join my other programs and my Mastermind Artist Academy that will unlock exclusive wisdom and deepen your skillsets to become the singer you you were meant to be - easier and faster becoming unstoppable! 
  • ​I wanna transform the music uncovering the hidden secrets and practices of other coaches that only harm you as an artist. I stand behind you 100% (I wanna help you soar! So I invest in YOU every time I can!) and I want YOU to succeed in this NEW ERA of music business where the artists are in charge. And you can only be in charge if you KNOW exactly what to do and if you take full responsibility for your actions. Done this right there is ultimate FREEDOM on the other side - personal, vocal, AND financial!

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...
In a couple of days the price will go up to $497,- and again after a couple of days it will go up to $997,-
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Here Is My 

Don´t wait on this because there is NO risk for you with my 14-day money back guarantee. Should you not be raving about the content in this video course you can claim your money back, no stress, no hassle ;) 

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course, or I'll return your money.

That's right. Just email me and I'll give you back your money with no question asked. 
Sound fair?

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 
'HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days' Today!

Total Value: $20,882,-

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But it isn´t for everybody

Do You Have What It Takes?

This course is for you if you are serious about your singing career.

If you are willing to put in the consistent work required to understand what your voice is, and how it works, then you will enjoy this course and have the greatest success possible.

If you love to learn and study and you trust me as your mentor + you want to take your voice to the top, then this course will bring you the fruits you are hoping for.

If you take responsibility for the outcome in your life and are dedicated to change your current situation, get away from vocal issues to find the real cause, then this course will transform your mind and heart and will help you find your unique voice in just 30 days.

If you are here for the long-term and not just for the quick fix path, this course is gold for you.

If you struggled with your voice for years - this course is for you.
If you just started singing and you feel not confident where to begin and what to do, and how to find your unique voice to make a difference in your life and this world - this is for you!

What Will your life look like... 

...once you found your unique voice?

  • you will know what your voice needs to stay healthy, resonant, unique.
  • ​you will know how to find your unique singing voice by keeping all your four voices HEALTHY
  • ​you will know what your voice means and what purpose it has so you always have CLARITY and DIRECTION
  • you will set yourself apart from others in the music market through your UNIQUE VOICE
  • ​​you will eliminate doubt and fear so you can go forward in your career with CONFIDENCE
  • ​​you will find the greatest vocal and personal freedom possible to express yourself and YOUR STORY in every song
  • ​​you will know your voice type and singer type so you always choose or write the RIGHT SONGS for your voice
  • ​you will lay a solid foundation for VOCAL GROWTH - without vocal damage or delay
  • ​​you will know your musical niche and thus be able to not only position yourself in a constantly changing market but also to DOMINATE your niche successfully long-term
  • ​you will safe a lot of time and money that you will be able to spend on other cool things (for yourself, your family, and friend
  • ​you will start to DREAM BIG building your legacy

You have 3 options now


* O N E   G O A L *

E L L A   R A Y
Voice + Brand Mentor, 
Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Designer.

I have been EXACTLY where you are right now! I remember the dreadful and painful days of not knowing how to eliminate my vocal issues like bad pitch, cracking, nasal sound, low resonance, NO VOLUME, undeveloped chest voice, NO access to high notes, 
no feeling for harmonies, and so much more! 
I struggled for years and years trying to sing with a totally WRONG voice type (because my mom and choir teachers said I was a Soprano) and using tools and resources that only wasted my time and money! 

I never found the teacher that would actually understand my voice and needs as well as my goals and would be able to mentor and guide me accordingly - not squeeze out all my money - and teaching me outdated stuff from the last century that only kept me busy but never productive, consistent, or profitable! 

I even got refused by a music school teacher. She didn´t want to teach me singing even though I wasn´t too bad at that time.

And I know this happens every day - this kind of rejection and wrong guidance because most teachers actually don´t want to really deal with you. They want it the easy way.
So they create lessons, exercises, and courses that are 
"all-size-fits-all" kinda type. And I found that this is ONLY serving the teacher but not YOU!
I am the creator of this exclusive video course
´HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days´, 
and I don´t think there is anyone on this earth
who is more obsessed with finding your unique voice, sound, style 
and vocal + financial FREEDOM like I am.

Out of frustration but with a clear vision I decided to 
become that voice mentor that I couldn´t find for myself.
After mastering singing and songwriting, music production, marketing, design, VOCAL HEALTH and fitness, as well as teaching countless singers, singer-songwriters, pianists, musicians, choirs, bands for years, just like supporting musicians on tour I knew I was ready to make my dream come true and help MORE singers.

So, back in 2018, I found my 
s o u n d s t o n e z
that has one goal ONLY:

to free YOU, all singers and singer-songwriters from 
the current music industry slavery
and help you find and grow your unique voice, and build a 7-figure brand to become UNSTOPPABLE


what else students say...❤

"For more than a year, I took vocal lessons with Ella Ray. At this time, I just started as a singer and wanted to learn singing techniques.
Ella´s lessons were very flexible. I had the chance to choose my songs, work on them and together we refined them. Ella taught the techniques individually and with ease - everything was custom-made.
She always paid attention and cared for where I stood and what I needed to take the next step. 
She carefully helped me to remove blockages. Through Ella´s lessons, my personality and my emotions had the freedom to find a unique form and shape through personal and individual expression with singing and music.
In my work as a coach and mediator, I have to speak in front of big audiences or I find myself in difficult conversations where the voice is of huge importance. In these situations, I highly profit from the breathing techniques that I learned with Ella.
I recommend Ella´s mentoring to everyone who wants more than just cold singing techniques but is in search of a way to find his/her unique voiec and expression." 

 Katharina Kipp Mancebo (Artist + Coach)

"If you are looking for authentic and holistic guidance and support within your journey in music, Ella Ray is the perfect fit for you! Her personalized approach will meet your needs in every way.
From finding out what it is you want to learn or perfect to tips on a healthy diet and workout routine that will benefit your vocal cords and creative wholesome.
She is guiding with strength and from her own experience, knowledge and a kind heart.
You will receive practical information that you can apply easily in your daily life and feel and hear the results within a short amount of time. 
I 100% recommend working with Ella Ray!"

Juliane Visnadi (Singer)

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Q #1: Is this for me? 

If you are struggling with vocal issues like straining, cracking, flat and nasal sound, and if you can´t reach high notes, can´t find your tone, have low resonance, and experience vocal health issues (for example, nodules), then YES, it is for you. 

If you can´t explain why you feel uncomfortable while singing, if you are not happy with your tone and sound, if you don´t know where the vocal pain is coming from, then YES, this is for you.

If you don´t know why you are singing and what your four voices are - this course is for you! 

If you are shy and not confident, have stage fright or blackouts every time you have to sing in front of people - this course will help you.

If you feel overwhelmed by so much information about singing on the internet, and if you don´t know how to find your unique voice - then YES - this video course is for YOU. ❤

Q #2: I am a professional singer, how will this help me?

Most professional singers haven´t found their voices. Yes, they are performing and possibly even writing songs, building their careers, maybe even famous, but that has nothing to do with finding their unique voice. They are singing with someone else´s voice, not their own. Finding your voice is more than just knowing how to sing. It is about knowing ALL your voices, and your purpose that influence your singing voice and your career. 

If you have learned the wrong techniques or ONLY vocal techniques, and styles, you will be able to sing. But you will have vocal issues regularly (like losing range, poor agility, poor phrasing, low energy or imbalance, problems with dynamics, feel lost/losing purpose) and suffer from vocal health issues (vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, Reinke´s Edema, vocal cord cyst, laryngeal papillomatosis, vocal cord granuloma, laryngeal cancer and more). This will indicate that you haven´t found your voice.

Most professional singers lose their voice very quickly, or they can´t keep a consistent vocal fitness level throughout their career - which has an enormous effect on their confidence, their financials, and their success. The reason is oftentimes, that they haven´t found their voice - or only in parts. 

Q #3: I already know my voice type, so I have found my voice, right?

That´s beautiful! Congrats! Finding your voice type is crucial, but only 10% of the puzzle. Finding your voice has several different components, and your voice type is the physical component. In this ebook, I will explain in detail which mistakes block you from finding your unique voice - that lie beyond your voice type. 

Q #4: How is your video course different from udemy courses?

I have a holistic approach to the singing voice which is unique and very new. So you won´t find this content on Udemy or any other platform. If you happen to find the EXACT content somewhere cheaper I will refund your course and you can keep it anyway - sounds good? ;)

Q #5: Is this a physical product?

This is an online video course- you will create a personal account in your member´s area where you will find ALL the video sessions. They will drip each day so you won´t be overwhelmed and can take it step by step. You can keep the account for as long as you want - for life - it is yours to keep. It is my little gift to you. ❤

Q #6: How many videos are in this course?

There will be 30 videos, one for each day - with the weekend as your two free days to collect yourself, to refresh, and let your mind do the subconscious memory work. Except in week 4 you will have a lesson on a Saturday, too. I will let the lessons drip each day into your member´s area so you won´t feel overwhelmed. 
The lessons will be short (most will be under 30 minutes).
This way you can have massive progress and success in just 30 days. If you feel the speed of the course is too fast, you can always go at your own pace since the member´s area is yours to keep. Only my personal mentoring in the Telegram group will expire after 30 days. 

Q #7: Are you a vocal coach?

I am a voice + brand mentor. I am focused on the whole YOU, not only your singing voice or your vocal cords. It allows me to better and faster solve vocal problems, guide singers to find and grow their UNIQUE voices, and help them build their singing careers. I do have the knowledge that a classical vocal coach and voice teacher has, so I can help you build your voice with vocal technique as well. I also specialize in vocal health and fitness since this is a crucial pillar of your voice. I help you reach and maintain a healthy balance and heal from vocal damage of any kind for extraordinary vocal performances throughout ALL YOUR LIFE. 

Q #8: What does the lifetime update service mean?

It means that I dedicate myself to delivering the best products to you and that I will be working on this video course continuously as I research tirelessly and work with singers around the world as well as with voice doctors. As soon as I have another piece of content, I think you will benefit from you will receive a link to the new video via email for FREE - as long as you are on the email list. So don´t cancel your email subscription if you still want support. ;)

Q #9: If I am unhappy with this course, what can I do?

You can email me at and let me know about it so I can refund your money 100% (14-day money back guarantee). No questions asked, no hassle, no stress. ❤

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, 
So Claim Your Video Course Now 
Before It´s Too Late 
(Only 20 Spots Available)!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. If you´ve come this far 
I know you are serious about your voice, 
and I hope you enjoy the video course! Thanks so much,

E L L A   R A Y
*eR ;)
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal: I'm sending you my brand new video course ´HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE in 30 days´,  filled with over 20+ years of experience and research, for $297,-. Yes, it is a no brainer, a quick study, and you´ll regret not to take it to find your UNIQUE voice so easily! 

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I feel you 💕

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I always appreciate your generous heart Ella! The information you give us here is not particularly easy to come by! Honestly oftentimes I feel a thank you is just not enough for what you are doing in my life as a whole. ❤ It means more than you can imagine to know that you have been taking time off to read and understand me as an artist! 🙏🏽

I want to thank you again for helping me out because I really feel and see the positive results already! Thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Thank you so much Ella for walking me through this journey of self-discovery. I really love your approach to coaching as it reaches out to ones personal goals...
Sort of customized! 💪🏽👌🏽

Today I was listening to an audio of myself singing, that was about 3 years back! At that time I felt like I was the deal if you know what I mean, but on listening today, I asked my brother to stop playing it because I simply felt ashamed of what I was doing back then. That feeling when you are not proud but proud. 

Proud of how far you have come in your journey as a singer. I never had a voice coach in my entire singing journey until I met Ella Ray!! And for me to just be here and enjoy what I would call a very generous opportunity she has availed us is such a blessing! What I´m trying to say is, opportunities come to everyone but only those who are ready will make something out of them. 

The best way for me to grow is to ask whenever I was stuck, and up until now I do so. There´s no shying away from being ignorant because then I get the entidote...If you don´t talk to a docotr but just sit at their gate...They won´t know what you are really suffering from. So please for any one out there that´s really serious about their music, second chances are rare! 👌🏽👌🏽😎❤ I love you all ❤✌🏽

❤❤ I´m proud to have even met you here Ella! I hope you know that. 
I only have you to thank for what I have achieved so far. Your advice at times even impacts my day to day life. Much love  ❤❤🎉🎉

Trying to work on making the entire voice sound as comfortable as in my low range because I feel like I found my low end thanks to the genius in you that believed in my baritone side. I feel like the more I warm up my low end the better my entire singing becomes! It´s like laying a strong foundation for a house, so yeah, thanks for the advice of having to warm up the low end espevially when I am tired or sick. Will do! Thank you Ella, I wanna make you a proud coach and friend above all! ❤🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉
Jiran Seyn
You are a great teacher!
I can only add I guess the right teacher comes when the time is right. All the success which followed after joining this group is just awesome! Ella, thank you for being my best teacher in music!
I had many. You are the best. At least for my type of personality.
All the respect, and thank you! 
Aleksander Smode
I did the breathing exercise you gave me. It really worked for my vocals. The two voices are now fading away. I am healing now. I do the neck exercise daily and your breathing exercises also help me to warm up my throat. Thank you so much you told me about my neck problem. Thank you soooooo muchhhhhhh ❤
Anshu Pandey
I´ve followed your instructions on the allergy and the reflux for a month. Now I feel much better thankfully! Now I can focus more on vocals. 😇 I really appreciate your guidance, Ella.
Shoroukh Jamal
You´ve been a complete blessing in my singing life. Thank you so much! You´re incredible! So glad I have you as a teacher. 🎶
Michael Meusch
Your tips are great, and it improves the sound, and it´s not like any video on Youtube. I am going to go on with this group until I get better, and I will recommend to everyone I know who wants to get better. 
Mody Riad
Thank you so much! ❤ I feel really valued here!!! 😊 This page is a lifesaver! It helps me with my voice, and most of all, I am valued!
David Maghanoy
Best coach ever!
Precious Lilly

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