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If you feel lost and don´t know where to start your singing journey this is the book for every aspiring singer. Learn what really matters when you are building a singing career.
"I love this book! It gave me the direction that I struggled with for so long! How did you know I needed exactly this? Thank you so much, Ella! So glad I found you! You saved me so much time! (Katharina)

Rookie Mistakes

Learn about the 10 unsuspicious reasons why you can´t find your voice. It´s not what you think and you are probably doing ALL of them right now. Get it to find out!
"I read your epic book! Thank you Ella! YOU ARE THE BEST! This is an epic upgrade! This is gold! I did all the mistakes. Finally seen all 
of this written down feels heavenly!  Revelations!" (Abohov)


Maintain vocal health, amazing sound, stamina, and more by integrating these foods and drinks into your diet. This is for the serious!
"I thought vocal technique was all I needed to be a singer. But your book showed me how I can take care so much better of my voice by knowing the foods that actually make my voice sound incredible!" (Sam)
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