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Hi, I am Ella Ray -
 Voice + Brand Mentor and Singer-Songwriter.
I don´t think there is anyone out there who is more obsessed with 
finding your unique voice, style, sound, and FREEDOM like I am.

Back in 2018, I risked everything to make 
my dream come true: to build my 
Mastermind Artist Academy
s o u n d s t o n e z
that has one goal ONLY:
to free YOU, all singers and singer-songwriters, 
from the current music industry slavery
and help you find and grow your unique voice, 
build a 7-figure brand to become UNSTOPPABLE!

It was a warm summer afternoon when I heard my mom unlocking the case, pulling out her Accordion, sitting down on the old wooden chair and starting to play some notes with her right hand first and then trying to find the right bass notes. 
From that moment I knew it would be an amazing few hours of freedom
She used to do this every now and then when my dad wasn´t home and she finished all the housework. 
My older sister and I would grab mom´s summer dresses in soft yellow and coral and put it on. 
We would get excited and run into the living room where the music already filled up all the space and all her heart
My mom would start singing old Russian love songs 
and there it was my paradise
I used to feel so free, light, and ALIVE in these moments of uncontrolled dancing to the fast and slow rhythms my mom used to play. 
I knew how she felt - we had that in common - she showed me the beauty of music, the freedom in music. 

Very soon, my parents got an old black piano for us kids. 
We would have a private teacher who would show us how to play. 
While I didn´t particularly like that teacher very much I literally 
fell in love with the piano. 
The moment I touched that first heavy, wooden key and heard that slightly detuned sound coming from this majestic instrument I knew this 
is the love of my life.

But the paradise didn´t last long...
When my parents announced that we would have to leave Kazakhstan and move to Germany it was the biggest pain 
I ever felt in my life to that day. 

When we arrived in Germany there was no money for extras, 
so no music, no piano, no nothing. 
I understood everything but it was like starving

5 years later...

One day I came home and my mom opened the door. 
She had an unusual smile on her face and I knew 
she was up to something. 
When I walked into the house my eyes immediatly fell on that dark brown polished piano standing in the living room. 
It was like someone lifted a 9 tons of heavy stone of my chest! 
I ran to it throwing my jacket and my bag to the floor.
I couldn´t believe my eyes, I looked at my mom and she said:
"It´s your Christmas gift...it came early this year". 
And I thought ´we are in October OMG´.

I opened the lid of the piano and started playing
I never wanted to stop! 
I started composing my own songs and writing lyrics 
in the following months.

But as family life sometimes is difficult it so happened that I couldn´t play whenever I wanted, however long I wanted. 
And so I had to give up on my ambitions and in my pain I decided to start singing since I strongly believed that NO ONE would 
ever be able to take away my voice. 

(I was so wrong.)

I was singing since I was a little girl but this was the 
moment when I decided to sing for real.
Now there was a REASON to sing! 
To sing for life, to sing for healing, to sing for freedom
to sing for justice.
I started singing for hours which my family hated. 
It was so hard to fight for it. 
It was so hard to find my voice
I made so many mistakes while I tried to find and grow 
my voice that I almost lost it and damaged it for real because I misused my voice and didn´t know my voice type.
When that happened I stopped singing and never 
wanted to sing again. 

I felt not good enough, not right, not worthy

My mom wanted me to finish my degree in Accordion in 
music school which I did only to make her happy. 
I knew I would only get Classical and Jazz Piano lessons when I was primarily dedicated to finishing my Accordion degree. 

After school, I participated in a Jazz Workcamp in Berlin with an award winning guitarist. 
I worked with and supported musicians from all over Europe in that Workcamp for several weeks. 
A year after, we went on a Europe Tour playing and earning money. 
This month was one of the most valuable things I have learned about music business and the music industry as well as about music, singing, stage presence and selling music.

After this experience, I decided to study 
Musicology and Indology in Berlin. 
I had to take a music theory test for Musicology 
that I failed so horribly. 
I came late and I was so nervous, I blacked out. 
When it came to the practical test - playing a piano piece 
and singing - 
the jury couldn´t believe their ears
Because they saw my theoretical test results before I came in for the practical test. 
I was playing for my life because I wanted to study in Berlin so badly!
When I finished playing the piano piece the jury 
wouldn´t stop clapping
They said "That was incredible! Even though your test results are bad we believe that you can learn the theory. 
What you have no one can learn."

And so I got approved for Musicology. 
I was happy to heaven and back!
But then I received a letter saying that I got rejected in Indology because my school grades were not good enough 
(I missed the score by 0,1 points and they only 
wanted straight A students.) 

I whole world broke down for me. 

I applied for Musicology and Linguistics (Southeast Asia Studies) in Frankfurt/Main and was a Classical Soprano in the university choir learning a lot about singing and my voice, leading a choir, singing solo, stage performance, and more.

Years later...

When my son was born he had a hard time in the first 3 months of his life as so many babies struggle with collic pain. 
Doctors couldn´t help him. 
But I didn´t want to give up on him. 
I wanted to lift that pain from him because he was crying ALL DAY for hours and there was nothing that would help, no massage, no carrying around (even though I still did that for hours), 
no changing my diet. 
I didn´t sleep at all for days and weeks. 
I was weak and my heart was in pain, I felt alone and helpless.

One day I decided to try something after 
I have tried everything else. 
I was holding my son in my arms carrying him through the house in hopes he would find relief from the pain. 
I started singing after almost a year of silence. 
When the first notes came out of my mouth I felt stupid. 
Nothing happened. 
He still was crying as if I wasn´t there. 
That was so painful. 
I felt worthless as a mother if I wasn´t even able to 
comfort and heal my baby. 
As tears were rolling down my face I decided to give it another try. 
This time I sang louder and with more conviction, imagening I was confident, with a strong wish to erase the pain in his stomach, to heal him fully and forever.

I sang Adele´s "Someone like you" as this was my 
favorite song at that time. 
This was the moment when my son stopped crying
He looked at me with surprise and big eyes. 
I would hold him closer to my heart singing my heart out. 
I felt how he was falling deeper into my arms, his body felt softer and more relaxed, he kept listening to me as I sang that 
song again and again. 

He never cried for hours again from that day. 

I realized how much he needed me and that I can never be silent again, that I have to fight through, never giving up!

I started working on my songs again. 
I started dreaming BIG again.
I finished my studies of Musicology and Linguistics 
after my daughter was born.

I decided to help other singers to find and grow their 
voices and not struggle so much like me.

While I am working on my first album ASHES at the moment 
(to be release in 2022)I am strongly dedicated to help YOU.

There is so much that teachers and Youtube won´t tell you. 
And if you are struggling with your voice and you don´t know HOW to build YOUR career in these uncertain and unstable times
 this is the right place for you. I am doing this highly personalized mentoring because I wanna see you happy and fulfilled - 
which makes me happy and fulfilled. 
Your are important and precious, your voice is important, 
you are worthy of getting the best. ❤

Since I am an artist myself, I want to help as many fellow singers and singer-songwriters as possible. I wanna help you...

  • #1: Find and grow your unique voice, style, sound + write your own songs
  • #2: Build a successful singing career as a signed or independent artist
  • ​#3: Release and monetize your music 
  • #4: Build a professional social media presence (without burning out)
  • #5: Build a loyal fanbase of raving fans (without selling your soul)
  • ​#6: Build and monetize your brand to live the lifestyle you always wanted


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